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    Help with table calculations

    Swapnil Trivedi

      Hi All,


      I am using Tableau 7.0 and facing a problem with the same, where as soon as I am adding a table calculation it takes away the text from the column values. Please see the attached screenshot for more details.

      Just to give you a background - My collegue created a Tableau report using an excel long back. Now I am asked to change the data source from excel to database. So I just replaced the data source as per the instructions given in a Tablaue article. But as soon as I am doing that, all the measures on the report are going blank. I am not sure why this is happenning but as soon as I took out the table calculations from the fields, I could see the numbers/measures on my column. But as you can imagine this is not the right values because I need to compute it based on a certain date. So I need to have these tablea calculations.


      (Ideally, as soon as I replace the datasource, everything should remain intact but it's not the case..  )


      Any help that you could provide is much appreciated. If someone from Tableau support can get on the call with me that will be really helpful.


      Thanks a ton in advance.