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    Shawn Wallwork

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          Toby Erkson

          I disagree about the "...being ignored is the Internet equivalent to being shunned".  When someone posts a bad question, either very poorly detailed or illegible or not following the forum rules and they don't get a response, well, too bad.  I'm in a lot of forums for a variety of subjects and they all pretty much have the same rules.  Once you're on one forum the rest are only different by their interface, really.  I've also been in forums/BBs since their inception so my patience for those who don't follow the rules can be short (I'm old, I've earned it dag nabit!).  When it's obvious that the poster has English as a second language I am more forgiving.  Being new is NOT an excuse, in fact, a newbie should have one of the best posts because that means they would have done due diligence by reading the forum rules   It's a matter of respect and courtesy to their fellow members.


          We have to remember that some questions will go unanswered/responded to simply because no one knows the answer.  This is typically seen where a post will have a bunch of views but no posts.  That's a clue that the OP (Original Poster for newbs) should dig deeper into their issue and post an update, re-ask their question better, or contact support.