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    A complex filter cascading.

    di wu

      Hi Guys

          I am working on a filter cascading function now.

          Basically I want to make something like that.

          There are two filters

          Filters A

           - Worldwide

           - Region

           - By Country

          Filters B

           - Worldwide

           - Country A

           - Country B

           - ....

      When "WorldWide" is selected,Filters B will only show item "WorldWide".

      When "Region" is selected,Filters B will only show Countries belong to that region.

      When "By Country" is selected,Filters B will show all the countries except "WorldWide"


      Enclosed workbook is currently what I have done.I use parameter and one calculate field to make that function.

      It work well in low record count.But in my case,unfortunately´╝îwe have too many records in which case using this method will bring performance issue.I think that is because complex condition calculation.


      I need some advice about tuning the performance or give another solution for dealing with this kind of requirement.