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    Why does my shape settings change when i refresh data source or publish?

    Fred Arve Fahre

      I have this dashboard that i am pretty happy with. After some work i managed to create som "alerts" in my dashboard with arrow shapes like this:

      Edit shape.GIF.gifDashboard in desktop.GIF.gif

      But then, when i refresh the data source, the shape go back to default. And it ends up like this when i publish the dashboard... Not really what i was looking for, now was it...

      Dashboard after refreshing data or publishing:

      Dashboard after refresh.GIF.gif


      I bet there is an easy solution/explanation here, but i cannot find it. Any help or fingers pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!


      BTW: The calc fields that defines shape is this:

      if [Table calc totalt]> 0 then 'Oppgang' elseif [Table calc totalt]<0 then 'Nedgang' else null end

      with table calc totalt beeing this:

      (ZN([Calculation4]) - LOOKUP(ZN([Calculation4]), -1)) / ABS(LOOKUP(ZN([Calculation4]), -1))