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    Categories - CLICK!  Now I get it.

    Toby Erkson

      When I saw the Categories I thought they were sub-forums as that's typically how other forums operate.  But they way they operated didn't make sense -- particularly the fact that multiple "categories" could be selected --  so I largly ignored them and just stuck with "All Forum Topics".


      I did a little test, creating a dummy topic and selecting several categories.  My test post only showed up in those selected categories -- naturally, it showed up in the "All Forum Topics", as all posts seem to do.


      I then edited my post to change some of the categories.  Again, my post showed up in only the categories I changed it to, as logically expected.


      So this was my "ah ha!" moment:  The categories are used as a filtering device!  There are no sub-forums; those Categories to the right of the screen are actually filters, only showing posts that have selected the Categories in the original post.  So I view them as kind of like a mega-tag, a broad tag filter if you will, while actual Tags are used [or should be used?] to detail or get more specific into the post much like a report drill-down.


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