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    Datetime field in extract refreshes as null

    Ricardo Fiorillo

      Using Tableau 7 I went to refresh an extra with more current data (i.e., the most recent month).  I run an SQL query that generates a text file and use that as the data source.  The database is DB2.  Oddly, with the same query, the datetime fields that loaded on the previous month are all null on the reload, regardless if I turn off the extract or not.  I reverted back to 7.0.14 (from 7.0.15) in case that was the issue, but same behavior.  Any ideas?


      I don't believe I can point the connection directly to the database without recreating all the vizes and dashboards.


      The date format looks like this in the text file: 4/18/2013 05:05:18.052642