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    Complex if/case function slowing performance

    Nathalie Torres

      Hi community -


      I'm working with a basic GA data source with one dimension for Store ID.  Unfortunately, we do not have location data associated with Store ID (i.e., Area, Region) saved in GA.  There are a few options to get this metadata appended, but each has a few drawbacks:


      1. Grouping / Alias - my guess is this would be my ideal route in terms of computing performance, but manually reclassifying over 1,000 IDs isn't an option due to time & being prone to human error
      2. Data Blending - this works for basic views, but I'm limited in totaling values and I often produce error with missing temp.calculations in my GA extracts
      3. Classifying with calculated field (long if/case formula) - there an easy way to classify almost 67% of my IDs (e.g., if starts with M then Midwest), but the remaining third are assigned to Area/Region with no rhyme or reason.  As such, I'm finishing out my calculated field with over 600 lines of "if" statements that categorize each ID one by one.  As you can imagine, this is cumbersome and performance came to a halt.


      Am I missing a key piece of functionality that would make this a snap? 


      I'm sure an example would be helpful, but I can't get to one until later. 


      Many thanks,