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    Adding a bar graph but exluding other data on same date as bar graph

    chad kolarcik

      Okay so I'm going to try to explain this as clearly as possible what I'm trying to do... please bear with me if I don't do a great job of explaining...


      See attached PDF then follow along this explanation:


      There is a line graph with denoted data points such as 1.5, 1.4, 2.5, etc.  These things are measuring "efficiency".  This has a mean and a shading of one standard deviation above/below the mean.  Then there is a singular bar graph in orange on the date of 4/2/13 - this is signifying a single injury event.  So this graph looks like I want it to except for that I don't want to see the 3.7 that is displaying - this is for two reasons, one, being that I don't want the 3.7 to be used in calculating the mean and standard deviations and then I also don't want that to visually show up as the big spike in the graph.


      Things that I've tried:

      Different variations of zeroing out the data used to calculate the "efficiency" number, hoping that it would just not show the 3.7 value but still display the bar graph on the date.


      Please let me know if there is any confusion in my explanation and I will help to clarify.