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    Conditional filtering based on location

    Chris Moseley

      I have a dashboard that tracks product orders across a client with several different locations.  There are thousands of orders for about 100 products across the various locations.  I want to be able to have a universal filter that allows the user to restrict the view to just the Products for which "My Location" has orders.  I don't want to see just the products that are ordered at My Location but rather  all the orders at all the locations that are for products for which My Location has sales.  


      This has turned out to be surprisingly challenging in Tableau. I can easily create a table that shows orders for my product at my location and other locations and even filter the table to only show products with at least 1 of my location orders.  However, what I'm trying to do is have a universal filter that allows users to toggle on and off all the "noise" of orders for products they are not currently ordered through my location.  


      for a while, I dodged this issue by simply having each line item tagged in .xlsx data base (This is running off an extract) with either "Product for which I have orders" and "Product for which I do not have orders"  This was dynamically updated each morning.  Then, I simply had a quick filter for that data field.  However, now there is a need for the user to select which location is to be "My Location"  So, when you select Location A everything is filtered for Product types currently being ordered by Location A and when you select Location B, it shows just the product types they have sold….


      Hopefully, this is clear.  Any thought would be welcome