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    Hazel Jaramillo



      How do i change the Y axis to show percents instead of values? (I have a lot more questions--but this is my first. I'm building my first charts from survey data with Net Promoter Scores.)


      Hope there's someone out there who can help.



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          Neil Sequeira


          Change the measure to show you % of total (click the dropdown, go to quick table calculations, & select % of total).

          You may have to tweak the calculation based on what you're trying to depict


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            Andy Piper



            If your question has been answered or you discovered how to do it on your own, please update your post. Assuming it has not been answered, please keep reading.


            If you wish to change the format of the number to a percentage, you would right click on the measure you wish to modify, choose Default Properties | Number Format. Once in Number Format, select Percentage followed by the number of digits beyond the decimal you wish to see (see screen capture below). Click OK and your numbers should now change to percentages.


            If the number actually needs to be divided by 100 first, create a calculated field that does so, then change the number format of this field to Percentage.


            Hope this helps,