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    Tableau Server Performance Degraded after CPU/RAM Upgrade

    Vida Tamoshunas

      Good Morning and thank you for your assistance! We currently have a Tableau 8 server running in VMWare with 4vCPU and 16GB of RAM. Last week, we upgraded doubled both the vRAM and vCPU in hopes that we would see a performance gain while running reports within Tableau. Unfortunately, we're currently seeing the exact opposite and are at a loss as to why this would be. After doing a bit of research, I'm wondering if the number of processes per server should be modified to take advantage of the additional hardware, however I'm not sure if this will have a performance impact or not. Is it possible that Tableau is not detecting or utilizing the two new vCPUs? My current Processes per server are as follows:


      VizQL Server: 2

      Application Server: 2

      Background Tasks: 1

      Data Server: 2

      Data Engine: 1


      From what I'm told, all of the Tableau components reside on this individual server (i.e. the database isn't hosted on another server). Thank you very much for your assistance!

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Vida -


          For the moment, I wouldn't touch the number of Tableau processes that are in play.


          In your shoes, the first thing I would check is to see what the IO looks like on this VM. It is not uncommon for a VM's storage to be on some sort of shared device (like a shared SAN or a "big bunch of disks") which multiple VMs access. if one VM "hogs" this resource, you suffer.


          If "your" VM can't get fast enough disk response of enough throughput, The VM, and therefore Tableau will be slow.


          Run any free disk benchmarking tool on your VM, then do the same thing on a physical drive (maybe on your laptop or something).


          If the VM's benchmark comes back "low", I'd investigate that first.