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    Computing visualization

    Chris Pickford

      Following the departure of a team member I've been updating Tableau reports using the step by step procedure notes provided. The dashboard pulls in MAT (Moving Annual Total for the last 2 years) and monthly data (for the last 24 months) from an access database, an access database is created for each month e.g. March 2013 contains 2 years MAT and the last 24 months by month. Whilst the MAT and Monthly dashboards are being updated with the correct information the monthly tab in the dashboard is very slow and when any of the cells in the 4 tables in the Monthly tab are selected a “Computing visualization” message appears for each table and reports which should change in a split second take tens of seconds if not minutes. Having checked the report for February 2013 and previous months changes to the Monthly tab were very quick, there are no differences in the format or structure of the access databases. I’ve removed the extract and re-applied it. Any help or advice would be greatly  appreciated