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    Data Source Relationships and Filtering

    Marc Lane
      Currently I'm pulling in one data view that displays daily demand total summed from daily orders based on the related item number. I then have related the item number from this data extract with one from an excel file that connects qualitative data associated with each item number from the demand data. In other words, I've linked two data extracts based on the item numbers. You can see how they related using the spereadsheet below. It's color-coded to show where each data point come from. The BLUE is from the Demand Data extract, and the RED is from the Category Data Extract. The WHITE is the data that is linked (related) between the two extracts.
      Category DataCategory DataCategory DataCategory & Demand DataDemand DataDemand DataDemand Data
      CategoryAudienceContentItem Number1/1/20001/2/20001/3/2000


      The Demand Data above is the primary data pulled from our SQL Server. Basically, I'm using the demand data to calculate daily demand for each item and displaying it via a line graph and the text table views. Right now its based off of the "Item Number" relationship between the two data sheets. The issue is that if I want to total demand based on the Cat1 Category, by removing the "Item Number" from the the Row, then it gives me a warning stating: "Fields cannot be used from Category.xlsx data source, because there is no relationship to the primary data source. In the Data window, switch to at least one link icon to blend these data sources." The item number is the only real link I have between the two. I'm hoping to find a way to avoid the issue I"m having without reworking the way data is pulled into Tableau. Any workarounds?