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    How to filter lines according to aggregated KPIs

    Ladislav Forman


      I'd like to ask you for help.

      I have a KPI table that shows a SUM of "Number of records" for a particular KPI (string Dimension) within relative Date period.

      My issue here is that I don't really know how to display only those lines which contains only particular KPI in selected time period.


      For example:

      On attached picture below I'd like to filter only first two lines with a blue circle (which is one of the KPI - "New Job").


      KPI Issue.jpg

      I simply can not figure out how to tell tableau "if the SUM of KPI "New Job" is not null in the view keep the line ELSE hide the line. Any attempt to create this type of calculation ended up with failure because Tableau seems to ignore selected Date/Time period and calculate the sum for the whole datasource where the SUM of KPI "New Job" is never Null.


      Hope it makes sense.


      See attached packaged workbook