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    Multiple Facts in single data source connection

    Wizard Lee

      Hi All


      I have 2 facts, joining to 6 different date dimensions, these date dimensions relate to each of the 2 facts and so is therefore conformed.

      In Tableau when setting up a data source connection, I have added the first fact and the individual 6 conformed dimensions and joined them without any issues.

      But when I go to add the second fact table, Tableau doesn't allow me to create separate joins to the other dimensions except for one.

      In other BI reporting tools such as BO, Cognos and OBIEE, in situations like these, this can be done in the corresponding semantic layers, but because Tableau doesn't have this sort of layer, does this mean that it can't be done?

      If I was to create the same logic as described above, does this mean I would have to create 2 separate data source connections and then do a data blend?

      This could potentially mean that I can have many many data source connections...