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    Default values in Filter

    philip ken

      Hi All,

      How to set up default current year and current month in Filters so that it will dynamically change? I meant when I open the dashboard Today (which is 2013, May),Year and Month filter supposed to be display 2013 and May. If I open the dashboard in July 2013, Filters values supposed to be show July and 2013... and so on..

      Is this Possible?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Philip,


          One option would be to create a calculated field similar to the following:


          datepart("month", [Order Date])=datepart('month', today()) and datepart("year", [Order Date])=datepart('year', today())


          Then, place it on the filter shelf and select True. Then, show your quick filter for the Month Year of your date field and select Only Relevant Values.


          Another option would be to use a Relative Date filter and select to show This Month.


          Hope this helps!