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    Equivalent to the NoFilter function in BOBJ

    Nicolas Daudin

      Good morning,


      I'm trying to create multiple waterfall chart that I will then put side to side in a dashboard. Each of those chart is filtered on the last attribute of the previous waterfall.


      One the issue I'm facing is the unability to set the axis of graphs in different worksheet to be synchronized.


      Solution I would be using in BOBJ is to integrate an invisible dot in each graph with the max value of my first waterfall chart which is the only one that doesn't have any filter. Thus, the chart would all sync to same axis.

      There is a function in BOBJ that is called "NoFilter" and basically force the calculation to not take into consideration all the filters currently applied on the table/graph. Calculation is applied to the whole underlying dataset.


      Is there an equivalent to that function in tableau ?