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    Server and access to multiple sites

    Ryan Hutchinson

      If I have a user that has access to multiple sites, is there a way that the user can see all of those sites and navigate between them w/o either have to log out and log back in or go back to the base URL and choose the site they want to go to from that point. I am thinking about a way that they can have a choice to switch between sites on their left-hand navigation menu.

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          Tom Dewar

          If your users are accessing via a web browser and they have access to more than one site there is a drop down menu in the top right of the screen, just next to the favourite/star icon.  Picture below shows this menu open.  This allows them to switch between sites. (We're using ActiveDirectory with automatic log in, but assume this works whatever.)

          If users are accessing via iPad app they will have to log out and in again (as far as I can tell).