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    Total and PCT Calculation

    Buddy DILELLA

      I am trying to add a total of the 3 completed columns in the PKI column along with a percentage and I would like to add the results of the calculation right after the total CCGa row.  Any help would be appreciated.



      1. 1. Total CP’s sent = Sum (Completion COS+ Completion SRO+ Completion TC)
      2. 2. % CCG’s  = Total CCGs*100/ Total CP’s sent(as above)


      So for market Augusta ,  05/2013, I would need the two columns to be added  (Total Cp's and %CCG)


      Market PKI Instance  April 2013

      CBG       Completion COS   2063

      Completion SRO 1234

      Completion TC 2889

      Total CCGs  281

      Total CP’s sent  6186 ( 2063+1234+2889)

      % CCG  4.5%  (281*100/6186)                  



      Thanks in advance...