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    Cannot connect to Hive from Tableau Desktop - waits forever

    Sumit Pal

      I have hive server running on my cluster and I am able to connect to it using command line

      However, on the same machine when I try to connect using Tableau Desktop - after installing the Cloudera Hive Driver on the machine - I get trying to connect to the data source waiting dialog box for ever - does not come back.


      Did not see anything unusual on the Tableau logs or in the Hive logs.


      Any thoughts - see the attached picture

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Sumit,


          The command-line interface does not rely on the same network communication with Hive that Tableau requires. Are you running the Hive Thrift Service on your Hadoop cluster, and is it using the same port as your connection in Tableau? If not, please read the following KB article to see how to launch the Hive server:  http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/administering-hadoop-hive


          If you have followed all the prerequisite steps and still cannot connect, the problem may lie with the network. Double-check the port that your Hive service is using, and make sure you have specified the same port in Tableau. Next, check that you do not have a proxy server on your network which may interfere with network requests on the Hive port. Likewise, check for firewall software on your machine and add an exception as needed for the Hive port.

          If you continue to have problems connecting, please contact our excellent Support team (support@tableausoftware.com) so they may work with you to collect logs, examine your configuration and explore possible solutions.