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    Creating YTD calculations with respect to Week Ending Date

    Monika G

      Hello all,

      I have one requirement ,

      I have to create a dashboard which includes a filter on time for Week, Month, Quarter and YTD. When ever the user select YTD time filter...dashborad displayes YTD Data (i.e Data till last week ending data).


      My Source data has time columns as shown in the below format

      Week Ending dateTimeYear
      4/7/2012April Week 12012
      4/14/2012April Week 22012
      4/21/2012April Week 32012
      4/28/2012April Week 42012
      4/28/2012April Week 520122

      Any one of us please suggest me, is it possible to populate data..when Month selected..particular month data should be displayes..when week selected

      ..particular week data should displayed..when YTD filter seleted ..data till last week ending date should be displayed...

      If possible..please suggest how to achieve this...?