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    Aggregate Results from a Gantt chart

    Patti David



      I have sucessfully created a Gantt chart using a calculated field. You can see in the attachment that I have two colours, Green (standing for Compliant) and Red (standing for Non-Compliant). For every locality (each measurement point), I am measuring how many times over a given day, has fired / been activated.


      --------------------------------------------------------Calculated Field------------------------------------------------------------------

      IF [Time_B]-[Time_A] < 1/3 THEN







      I would like to make a calculated field that shows a "1" if there is AT LEAST one red gantt line in the sequence for that locality, in that Area Level, and if there is no red line in the sequence, (e.g the Food court on level 3A), show a "0".


      With this 1/0 designation, I would like to use this data to colour some points I have put on a map/diagram. Once I can work out how to put a 1 or 0 in a calculated field, per locality, I will be able to make the points on my map coloured green or red depending on the state.


      Thanks for your help.