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    Potential Tableau Customer

    Christian Trotter

      Hi All,


      We are in the midst of a Salesforce implementation and fast discovering the shortfalls in its native reporting capabilities. Our schema is fairly complicated and branches off in several directions. Salesforce does not cope well with this.


      We have a database of several hundred thousand customers with associated child records containing campaign details, bookings and other info.


      We are looking at Tableau to provide us with comprehensive list building capability for campaigns. We want to be able to pull on and filter various fields (all related to the customer) and provide us with a csv output that we can load into Salesforce to assist with campaign management.


      So far we have used the trial version of Tableau and initial signs are good. After working out that a 4 gig memory was probably on the small side for doing what we need to do - we have had some promising signs.


      Just wanted to get some general feedback from regular Tableau users as to whether you feel the product should meet our needs and if there is anything we should know about before we purchase.


      Appreciate you feedback here.