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    Heat map not displaying all country names

    Caitrin Carickhoff

      I am working on a heat map to display our international collaborations. We have them anywhere from the Dominican Republic to Hong Kong. I want to make sure all the names display on the map but I can only see a couple of them if I mouse over them. Is there a way to force all names to be displayed? Thanks.

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          Nicole Kraft


          Are you receiving a message in the bottom right of the map that you have locations that are unknown? If so you can add those missing countries by choosing "edit locations".

          If not, it's probably a matter a space. You can change it by right clicking on the country and change the mark label to "always show" instead of "automatic". You can then adjust the  box or the font to make them fit.

          If that doesn't work you may need to add these manually: right click on the country --> annotate --> mark, point, or area. After you've added them, again, you will need to format the box/font.