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    Dual Axis Maps - Differing Zip Codes

    Stacy Lang

      I've been running into issues when I want a portion of zip codes on one layer but need to use all the zip codes on the other layer.


      My scenario: I'm using all the zips in Los Angeles County to color the area by territory but I then need to have a second layer that overlays this with select zip codes only.

      TypeZip CodeSpecialist Territory
      090038LA 2
      090039LA 2
      090040LA 3
      090041LA 1
      10090042LA 1
      090043LA 2
      10090044LA 2
      090045LA 2
      090046LA 2
      090047LA 2
      090048LA 2
      090049LA 2
      090056LA 2
      090057LA 2
      090058LA 2
      090059LA 2
      090061LA 2
      090062LA 2



      I attempted to do a work around by making them numbers, hoping I could throw at least a circle in on the size shelf and make large a small (which sort of works but the little dot never goes away in the zip codes that have null data). Excluding the nulls just wipes out all the zips attached. I need all the zips so I can show the territories.


      This is what I would like to do but nothing I do seems to work.


      Thanks for your help in advance.