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    How to filter second dashboard using map on first one without passing control?

    viraj gholap



      We have developed 2 dashboards. Dashboard1 and Dashboard2.

      On Dashboard1, we have put a map that shows sales in various countries.


      Our requirement: If a user clicks on Japan country in the map of dashboard 1, all views in dashboard 1 and dashboard 2 should be filtered to show data for Japan only.


      Current Issue: If a user clicks on Japan, we are able to filter dashboard 1. We are also able to filter dashboard 2 but the control passes to dashboard 2. We want user to see the content of dashboard 1 for Japan specific and then move to dashboard 2.


      Additional info:

      1. We have made the map view to be "Use as filter" and applied that to all views in dashboard 1 and 2.

      2. We can not use global filter as we want user to click on the country in the map and see how everything is filtered for Japan. Going forward, we want user to click on another view in dashboard 1 for market region and filter all data accordingly. So we do not know where user will click on the views and can not provide so many global filters.

      3. Parameter passing is not an option because of reason in point 2.


      Please advise.