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    How to undo global filter selection?

    Robert Courage

      I've got a dashboard with 3 views on it.  A map, a bar chart, and a simple table that looks like something in excel with my list of programs and the sales and budget numbers for each program.


      I've set up dashboard where if I click on a program, the bar chart and the map auto update based on the global filter.  After I click on a program, if I want to go back to the original view, how do I undo the filter w/o going back to the sheet?  Do I have to have the filter box displayed on the dashboard?



        • 1. How to undo global filter selection?
          Shawn Wallwork

          Robert your description makes me think you're actually using an Action Filter (not a global filter) to drill into your data. If that's the case to get back to the 'original view' all you need to do is clear the selection: either click the program again, or click somewhere else in the sheet. This all assumes you set your action filter to show all values when cleared:


          Action filter.png


          Hope this helps.