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    Sorting of Dual axis chat with table calculation

    Ajit Kumar



      I have created a dual axis chart where I am showing a bar chart of “Profit” and a shape chart of “% of sales” (Table calculation) for
      Product container.


      Now I want to sort the product container in Descending order on the basis of “% of Sales”. Once I am going in Sort option by field, I can’t
      see “% of sales” there.


      Please tell me how I can sort the chart on the basis of “% of Sales”?

      I have attached a demo file.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Ajit, I'm going to guess that the reason the table calc isn't available is because it happens after the sort is processed (at least I think I remember Jonathan saying something like that). But in this case you really don't need it because minimum sales and % of Total Min Sales will give you the same sort:




          By the way your labels and circles aren't displaying the same thing.