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    Need information on Tableau server databse

    suneelkumar kesana

      Hi Team,


      I am new to Tableau, I would like to know if the following


      1. What tis the tableau server database use ?

      2. Is it possible to load data directly into tableau server database using informatica or any other ETL Tool?

      3.It is possible to pull the data from different sources into table server database  using insert into sql statements by establishing database link?


      Please help me on this.




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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Suneelkumar --


          1. We use PostgreSQL
          2. No, it is not.(It is possible, actually...but not supported and would put the install of Tableau Server "outside" of support guidelines.)
          3. No. Per #2, we don't let people use our database as a storage location for arbitrary. However, you may want to read about "Tableau Extracts" which allow you to save rows from different data sources in a columnar, in-memory store.


          Hope this helps!

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