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    Table Calculation Sort:  Manual Works, How Automate

    Eric Frishman

      Tableau Team,


      I have a data set which I'm able to manually sort with one click nicely, but am trying to have the workbook sort automatically.  It may be that I have not set up the data in the best format.  I'm attempting to have the view sort, and then have a top 2 view on the other page  and I welcome your input please.


      Work so far:


      Sheet 1 Week Improvement Process:

      1) View calculates the change in the count of an object over the last several weeks from the 1st week (table calculation).  Working

      2) View limits the week to the last week (filter on rank) Working

      3)  Would like the sort to perform on visible data which manually works w/ 1 click since it manually sets the sort, but unable to set a sort by the table calculation (WeeklyRollingCalc) for automated perspective as the data updates.


      Thank you!