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    Problem with javascript api for embedded dashboard

    James Golden

      We have development underway to implement Tableau V.8 (upgrading from V  7.0.13), and we currently have V8 installed on a test environment, reflecting  our production environment.


      We have an internal intranet page, with an  embedded workbook which renders through a fram on our intranet page. This works  fine with the workbook from V 7.0.13, however, when we change it to the same  workbook from the V 8 server, we get an error message, saying contact an  administrator, and no other details. The permissions are open for V 8 - has this  been an issue for other users? I'm attaching a copy of the code where the frame  is working for the tableau workbook HOMEPAGE SALES.



      We have edited our html to include the new version of the Tableau api JS file for v8, but this is still not rendering.  This does not seem to be a permissions issue either, because we can open the tableau dashboard directly.