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    Formatting error while Upgrdation from Tableau 7 to 8 version

    Harshita Dubey

      Hi All,


      I have question regarding scorecards up gradation with Tableau latest version.


      We had recently faced formatting issues while upgrading Tableau version 7 scorecards in Tableau 8 version.


      Reason what we could found is there are some design differences in terms of formatting from tableau 7 to 8 and in our scorecard we had created multiple marks for our color logic using Gantt bar.

      Same scorecard when we try to upgrade in latest version of tableau, our all formatting and numbers goes off. So, this takes an extra effort to manually change all formatting i.e. basically in each mark change it from Gantt bar to automatic.


      I am attaching sample of both scorecards for your reference.

      Kindly have a look and let me know what can be done in terms of avoiding these kind of issues in future.


      Best Regards