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    Is it possible to rename Total and Grand Total Labels?

    Claire Viney

      I have a departmental hierarchy which I am using as a drill down on the data. It starts at Supergroup which has 3 entries - Garden Goods, Leisure and Plants.

      As I drill through each level, I have sub-totals appearing in my data. Instead of the label saying "Total", is there anyway that I can make it say the name of the totaled hierarchy.

      In my example below, I would like the first red total to say "Garden Goods Total" and then the next total to say "Leisure Total" and the final one to say "Plants Total".

      Is this possible?

      dept totals.png


      I know I can change stuff in the Format section but they are generic labels and not specific to the departmental totaling I am doing.

      format pane.png

      Hope this makes sense.