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    Joining employee level data with cost center level data

    Patrick Quirk

      Simple (I think) question for you.  I have 2 tabs in excel - actual and budget.


      Actual is 3 columns:  employee id, cost center id and period.  1 row per distinct employee id.


      Budget is 3 columns:  cost center id, period and headcount budget.  1 row per distinct cost center id.


      I want to display a table with actual headcount and budgeted headcount as the rows and period as the columns.

      I did a join on cost center id and period.  I then created a measure that counts distinct id and a measure that sums headcount budget and displayed both on the measures shelf with column shelf = period.  Actual headcount works.  Budgeted headcount is summing up too high.

      Any thoughts?



      see attached packaged workbook

      1. can't add subtotals

      2. budget should total 7 in both months




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