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    Tableau Trusted authentication landing at login page instead of the report.

    Smitha K



      I have written an application which has multiple href links.


      When I click on any of them, I have written a java script embed function with a trusted ticket authorisation and it should ideally load the report for me.


      However, the trusted ticket part is all working fine and returning a valid ticket but, it is landing me at the log in page.


      Can someone tell me how to fix this please.


      Here is my javascript code from my jsp:


      <script type="text/javascript" src="http://tableauServer/javascripts/api/viz_v1.js"> </script>


                                                                                                <div class="tableauPlaceholder" style="width:1322px; height:800px;">


                                                                                                          <object class="tableauViz" width="1322" height="800px" style="display:none;">


                                                                                                                    <param name="host_url" value="http%3A%2F%2FtableauServer%2F" /><param name="site_root" value="" />

                                                                                                                    <param name="path" value="trusted/<%=ticket%>/views/TestReports/Tickettest" /><param name="tabs" value="no" /><param name="toolbar" value="yes" />





      Instead of loading the report - it loads the login page






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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Smitha -


          Generally, trusted tickets are "restricted" in terms of only allowing the user to show a visualization. If they are used to try and browse a list of reports any the Tableau Portal's chrome, you get thrown to the login screen. It sounds like this is what is happening to you.


          The scriptlet that you pasted in above is just the standard stuff that Tableau generates - I'm not clear on how you're actually trying to dynamically call it as your question indicates you are doing. Can you elaborate?


          If worse comes to worse, I suspect enabling "unrestricted tickets" will solve this problem for you (you can search on those keywords in Google for more info) but I wouldn't do that except as a last resort.