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    Headcount Reporting: week over week

    Omar Bolanos

      Having trouble building a week over week analysis of headcount in Tableau.  I am simply taking files that would represent a payroll file where:

      if you are present in Week 3; and not present in the Week 2 file; this would represent a "dropped" employee.


      Conversely; if you appear on Week 3; but were not on previous Week 2 file; this would represent a "add" or new hire employee.


      Would like to keep it dynamic so I could compare current ween vs any previous week in time.


      The key is displaying the total "adds" and "drops" by organization.  I am only able to build views that display the net.  Need to show for example; in Week 3 for particular department:

      Sales Org

      Adds: 2



      Currently; only able to build vis that display the net of Sales Org : -3   which is not what I am trying to derive.  Also; employees have a headcount value (part timers could be .5); so not looking for a count; looking to compare headcount values.

      Have included a sample data set with example of desired outcome.