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    Change Default Table Calculation Rules


      Hi Experts,


      I've created a WINDOW_MAX(COUNTD(stores)) table calculation that I then use in subsequent calculated fields. When I look at the definition for this table calculation, it says "Results are computed along Table (Across).", while I need this to be Table (Down). Although this is easy to change if I drag the field into the report (in which case the output is correct), I can't seem to set this as a default. The only options i have under 'Default Table Calculation' are to define specific fields to partition by, which is not what I need.


      So - How do I change the default from Table (Across) to Table (Down) when the field isn't included in my report?




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          To provide a little bit more context why there is a problem, let's take some sample data:


          Product X sold 2300 units across 6 stores

          Product Y sold 2400 units across 90 stores


          I need an average number of units per day. With the current method (Qty / CountD(stores)) I would get something like:


          Product X - 2300 / 6 = 383

          Product Y - 2400 / 90 = 27


          This comparison would suggest that Product X sold more across the network of stores than Product Y. Although this information can be relevant in some instances (e.g. what are our best performing products regardless of where they are sold?) it isn't something we look at on a holistic basis. Instead, I am using the other method (Qty / WINDOW_MAX(countd(stores))) and should get this:


          Product X - 2300 / 90 = 26

          Product Y - 2400 / 90 = 27


          This is more the sort of result that I want, but I am not getting there with the table calculations that I have. I just can't seem to get it to use 90 instead of 6...