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    How do I blend Date fields in Google Analytics with a BI cube to make a global date filter for my dashboard?

    Emily Williams

      I'm trying to create a global date selector for a dashboard that applies across data sources; specifically, Google Analytics extracts and a MS SQL Server Analysis Servers OLAP cube.


      Here's a snapshot of the dashboard. The two Registration-related metrics (left and center) come from the BI cube; the Sessions (right) come from Google Analytics.  Now I just want a way to select a date range for the dashboard and have it apply to all of these elements.




      After reading several similar threads, I understand that you cannot use a quick filter in this case b/c the dashboard combines multiple data sources.  So instead I am trying to follow the instructions in this support article to create a "filter action" using a "control sheet" instead.  http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/creating-filter-actions-dashboards


      I'm able to create the control sheet with a list of all the dates and drop it into my dashboard (which is super ugly... if anyone knows how to make this into a slider or a dropdown menu instead, let me know!)


      Here's the control sheet (using the method from the above linked article), based on the Date in my BI cube:




      However, I can't get the selections to apply to both the BI cube data elements AND the Google Analytics pieces.  I have the Date fields connected (or at least I think I do), and I used the BI cube as the Primary Data Source which I understand is required when a cube is involved.


      Here's the data connection between the Date in my BI cube and the Google Analytics connections:





      So, why doesn't the Google Analytics data in my dashboard change to reflect the dates I select on my control sheet? Can anyone see what I'm missing?