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    tableau server permissions from development to production

    Inez Ornelas

      Hello Everyone,  I have Tableau Server on our development server.  We are migrating to our test server and then our production server.  The issue I have is the embedded passwords.  I need to find a way to run a script to change the userid and password for the databases within each server.  Since the infrastructure team doesn't allow us to know those passwords, they would have to execute this script.  Does anyone know how to do this.



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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Inez -


          There are two ways you could approach this:


          • Don't use a script at all - The Tableau Server portal allows one to modify the username and password associated with a data source. The IT team could go into Tableau Server after it has been restored from TEST to PROD and simply update the appropriate information right in the "Data Connections" list
          • Using tabcmd (a command-line tool), one can specify what the username and password for a database should be. Your IT people would essentially need to overwrite the existing data source with the essentially the same information - except with a different uid/pwd. Example :tabcmd publish "mydatasource.tds" --db-username theuser --db-password thepassword


          Hope this helps!