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    Packaged Workbook not "packaging" data

    Brian R Scheetz

      It is possible I do not understand the packaged workbook process.


      I have a workbook based on live connections to data sources.


      Other users don't have network access to those data sources.  To allow those users the ability to view the workbook, I have attempted to create a packaged workbook for them to use.


      The documentation indicates that creating a packaged workbook should "grab" all the data current at that moment and publish it to the .twbx file along with my sheets and dashboards.


      However, this does not appear to actually happen.  When any user attempts to open the packaged workbook, it attempts to re-establish its live data connection.  When it can't do that, due to network permission and file pathway issues, the workbook shuts down and fails to open.


      Doesn't this defeat the point of supplying the option to create a packaged workbook in the first place?


      Is there some option or setting I'm not seeing here that would make "Export Packaged Workbook" actually export a packaged workbook?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Brain, the way you think (describe) package workbook should work, is actually the way they do work (most of the time). Our distribution channel is all packaged workbooks, we don't have/use server. And it doesn't matter if I package a Live Connection or an extract. So I suspect there's something else going on. First you should understand that a packaged workbook is really a zip file just with a different name. So you can use any zip utility to open it up and see the folder structure and even open up the data sources.


          I'm just going to take a shot in the dark and guess your data source is a cube or something else other than a spreadsheet or database. (?) Whatever the source, you probably should open a file with customer support, they'll take care of you.


          Good luck.