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    Menu Action not Working on Server

    Bethany Crawford

      I have a couple of action filters referencing the same sheet on a dashboard (1 a select action, 1 a menu action) and it works as I've been developing it. When I published it to the server, the menu action no longer works and executes the select action I've set up instead. So essentially, I get the outcome of the select action whether I click/select or click on the menu action. Has anyone else had a problem like this? It seems like a server bug to me.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Bethany!


          Can you tell us all:


          • What version of Tableau Desktop did you use to create this?
          • What version of Tableau Server are you publishing to?
          • Can you recreate this in a different workbook, or does it only happen in this one?
          • What happens if you delete both actions from the workbook, save & close it, then re-create them and re-publish the workbook to Server?


          If you could post an example here, I'd love to test it.