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    Two tables, one chart

    Colin Charman

      I have two tables, from a single excel spreadsheet. One is a number of cases by priority, by date; the other is the number of reports, by date. In excel I can create a pivot table and vlookup to compare the two and output them to a single chart. As they are both from two separate sources, and don't have a lot of fields in common, they need to remain separate (although in the one spreadsheet).


      Is it possible using Tableau (version 7 at this time) to chart these on one graph? I would like a timeline along the X-Axis and the count of records on the Y-axis. I've tried blending and joining, but not sure how to link the two connections as other than the date, they have nothing in common, i simply want to count the number of records each by date on the one chart.

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          Alex Kerin

          Yes, (to blending or joining), but exactly the same date needs to exist in both. If this isn't the case you could always truncate to week or month to stand a better chance.


          Blending works much more easily if the linking field (date in your case) is named exactly the same in both sources.