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    Issue with save modification in the tableau server

    Ouaichouche Haroun



      I have a problem with server table, when i share in the server I can not save modification for worksheet.

      I give you some details from the error :


      1. 1.      Steps taken to reproduce this error:
        1. 1.1.   we use extracts data from MySQL
        2. 1.2.   Publishes graphics produced by tableau desktop.
        3. 1.3.   By connecting to server table, you can not save the changes.
        4. 1.4.   the error message is as follows:
      2. 2.      This error message occur with all worksheets.
      3. 3.      The all users experiencing have the same message error.
      4. 4.      The error occurs on a regular basis, with all the workbooks.
      5. 5.      Registration of change for each graph has never worked. We try to solve this issue by changing the administrator rights, without success.
      6. 6.      The data source used comes from a MySQL database. The type of the data is :  numeric, dates, and text.
      7. 7.      We haven’t problem with the date and time before.
      8. 8.      We use the MySQL connector to load data in the tableau desktop.