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    Display all the created values of range

    Ambi Nair


      I have created unit price with this formula "SUM([TOTAL AMOUNT] )/SUM([QUANTITY] ).

      and created range upon it as below.


      if [Unit Price]>0 and [Unit Price]<=2000 then '<2k'

      elseif [Unit Price]>2000 and [Unit Price]<=5000 then '2k-5k'

      elseif[Unit Price]>5000 and [Unit Price]<=10000 then '5k-10k'

      else '>10k'



      However when i drag this range on to column shelf i m able to see only "<2k".refer sheet 2.idea is to create bar chart.

      Hence not able to look into % of customers which fall into different range.


      Attached is the dummy file.Please help