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    Trouble with Calcs

    Mike J

      Hello All,


      I'm having trouble creating the following calculation in Tableau. Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong or if this type of calculation can't be done.

      What I'm looking to recreate is an aggreate


      (IF Dimension1 ="ABC" then (sum(Amunt)/count(date))  " + "  (if Dimension1="XYZ" then countd(Amount))


      and How can I see this result without adding "Dimension1" to the view?


      Can this be done?





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          Andrew Watson

          Might be easier to break out the components of this:


          AmountSum: SUM(IF Dimension1 = "ABC" THEN Amount END)

          DateCount: COUNT(IF Dimension1 = "ABC" THEN Date END)

          AmountCountd: COUNTD(IF Dimension1 = "XYZ" THEN Amount END)


          Then create the final formula:


          AmountSum/DateCount + AmountCountd


          I haven't tested it but it should work.