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    Need Workaround for Summing Aggregated Calculated Field

    Joseph Pope

      I am trying to sum a calculated field,which I understand you can't do in Tableau. I'm looking for a workaround within Tableau (I think I can solve this in Excel, but I'm trying to skip that step).


      The issue is a Budget field, per campaign per date.  Budget is listed for the campaign overall so I need the daily budget (Budget / campaign length).  Another wrinkle is that the Budget could change mid-campaign. It could be $100 on April 1, then bumped up to $200 on April 15th (so I can't use a min/max workaround).  I really need to see campaign 1, date 1, daily budget then campaign 2, date 2 daily budget and sum those figures. 


      DateCampaignBudgetCampaign Length
      1/1/2013Campaign A $                     1,000.00 20
      1/2/2013Campaign A $                     1,000.00 20
      1/3/2013Campaign A $                     2,000.00 20
      1/1/2013Campaign B $                         600.00 10
      1/2/2013Campaign B $                         600.00 10
      1/3/2013Campaign B $                         600.00 10



      If this is my test data, I want to create a calculated field so for a daily budget such that campaign A shows $200 a day and campaign B shows $60 a day. Note that Campaign A's budget was raised on 1/3/2013.  Also want to see each day's total so that 1/1/2013 = $110 ($50 + $60) and 1/3/2013 = $460.  The $50 is from $1000 budget / 20 days. Make sense? 


      I get stuck after dividing Budget by Campaign Length. How do I sum this field?   


      Is my best option to do the daily Budget from within Excel?