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    Event correlation on each day

    Naveen Arumugam

      How to display events that happened on a particular day? I.e., the tool tip should display the event date and event information for specific dates where a major release/milestone/event happened.  


      I have a table that has event date and event information that can be used for the content. It could be possible to pull the event information along with the extract (TDE), which I feel is a bad idea to pull this data for huge data set.


      Any suggestions to do a lookup and display the appropriate events based on the data-date and event-date match?



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          Shawn Wallwork

          So you want to set up the data-date and event-date in a table separate of the big dataset. As long as you have a field to blend on you shouldn't have any problem creating some sort of calculation that pops up the correct tooltip. It's probably best if it's a date field. Then you could create something like:


          IF [Data_Date] <= [Event_Date] AND [Data_Date] >= DATEADD('day', -7, [Event_Date]) THEN [Event_Description] ELSE "" END


          You get the idea. Does this help? Or did I misunderstand your question?