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    Label scrolls in client version but not on uploaded server version (Tableau 8)


      The category label (in my case Event Type) remains in place as a user scrolls through data on the local design copy of the workbook. Once uploaded and a user scrolls through the data,  the label disappears - it is only displayed on first row and disappears until the event type changes.  See attached screenshots as info is sensitive so wish to avoid workbook attachment...

      Client - Works when scrolling - Arrest/Booking Label remains viable when scrolling down through organization

      Events - Scrolling Local Works.jpg

      Server version of same workbook - before scrolling the Arrest.Booking Label is visable

      Events - Scrolling Server Before Scrolling.jpg

      Same Server Report - Notice that the Arrest/Booking Label disappears when scrolling. This happens to all labels....

      Events - Scrolling Server After Scrolling.jpg