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    custom table calculations for subtotals and totals (WINDOW_PRODUCT)

    Dean Hewitt

      The current table calculations provide for Avg, Count, Max, Mediam, Min, StDev, StDevP, Sum, Var, and VarP.  I am looking for either a user defined WINDOW_xx function or a WINDOW_Product function.  This would multiply the number together instead of adding them as the WINDOW_SUM does.  I created my own calculated item, but I have been unable to use the results in the subtotals or total line.  These are generated when selecting Analysis -> Totals -> Show Column Grand Totals. 


      More general:  How can I access the partition information (INDEX(), LOOKUP(), SIZE(), etc) that the subtotal or grand total are using to generate the info on the subtotal / total line?


      Note:  I have read the various blog on how to create custom totals and have not been successful.