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    Connecting to and Querying the Tableau Internal Database

    Clifford Foott



      I'm trying to query the internal database using .NET and have so far completely failed to get this working.


      I have followed the instructions on this page:




      In order to add the specific IP address of the machine I'm trying to run my code on.  I have installed and am using the NpgSql libraries (http://pgfoundry.org/frs/?group_id=1000140) to enable .NET to talk to PostgreSQL databases.


      In order to prove that my code was working I have created a small test harness that simply runs a "SELECT * FROM _users" command and if I run this on the machine that Tableau Server is installed on and all works as expected.  As soon as I try to run the same code on the machine I have configured in the pg_hba_conf.templ file the connection is refused completely and the code throws an exception stating:


      {"Failed to establish a connection to '<SERVER>'."}


      The connection string I'm using is:


      "Server=<SERVER<;Port=8060;User Id=tableau;Password=<PASSWORD>;Database=workgroup;"


      I have updated the pg_hba.conf.temp file with an entry like:


      hostall     all     <MY IP  ADD>/32      trust


      Any input on this would be really appreciated.